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This website was produced and is owned by Mandoki Hospitality, Inc. (MHI). MHI is an independent company offering property management, vacation rental and real estate sales to the public. MHI is the owner of the domain name, and which it uses for the purposes of marketing and promoting their services.

The website is not offered nor represents nor is affiliated with any of the condominiums at the Gulf Shores Plantation complex.

The Gulf Shores Plantation complex is comprised of four separate and independent condominiums (Gulf Shores Plantation Condominium, Inc., Royal Gulf Beach and Racquet Club Condominium, Inc., Resort Conference Centre Condominium, Inc. and Plantation Palms Condominium, Inc.) and one planned unit development (Gulf Shores Plantation Planned Unit Development, Inc.). Each one of these entities is represented by its own homeowners association and Board of Directors, and each has its own budgets and governing documents. The condominiums at the Plantation complex are all independent and lawfully established condominiums and, as such, are not condo-hotels or condotels.

MHI offers front desk operations in a building on its own parcel of land independent and separate from any and all Gulf Shores Plantation condominiums and planned unit development.

To MHI’s knowledge none of the condominiums at the Plantation complex:

  • have a mandatory rental pool;
  • offer short-term unit rentals;
  • provide any rental management services;
  • engage in rental revenue sharing with its homeowners;
  • offer daily maid service;
  • have a “front desk” on their properties;
  • prohibit homeowners from using their units whenever they wish, as principal residences, second-homes, or investment properties.