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About Us

In 2015 Mandoki Hospitality celebrated 29 years of service to homeowners and guests at Gulf Shores Plantation. The original company was founded by Pedro Mandoki in 1985 and became affiliated with the Plantation on January 1, 1986.

The company was formed to provide management services for the property and to promote Gulf Shores Plantation as a vacation destination of choice. “Gulf Shores Plantation” is the key: as Pedro Mandoki once explained to homeowners: “I assure you that the future prosperity of the Gulf Shores Plantation is Mandoki Hospitality’s sole concern.”

Mandoki Hospitality, Inc. employs a staff of hospitality professionals dedicated to treating owners and guests with old-fashioned Southern Hospitality, offering unsurpassed service and providing visitors with the positive, memorable vacations they deserve. This philosophy is reflected in the company mission statement: “To provide the homeowners of Gulf Shores Plantation with quality management services while offering quality resort hospitality to visiting guests, and to work diligently to enhance the image of the Plantation.”